Wednesday, January 4, 2012

by kathleen on January 4, 2012

hi friends!

i’m here in boston filling up on delicious food with a full recap to come when i land back in chicago tomorrow morning.  in the meantime, not one to miss the fabulous , i figured i’d show you a typical day of eats when i’m not blogging my meals (read: not attempting to make my food seem creative or look appealing).

but first, a very happy 50th what i ate wednesday!  i love this little tradition started that has since taken the blog world by storm.

breakfast {8:00ish}… post morning workout i’m generally craving some protein and i typically whip up a batch of or .  when dining out, i always order a big fluffy omelette for my morning meal, but am not one to make eggs at home very often.

snack {11:00ish}… i generally will need a mid morning snack to tide me over to lunch.  i often do not eat lunch until between 1:00 and 2:00 and we all know i’m not making it 5+ hours with no food.  lately i’m loving almonds + dried apple slices.  the perfect pair of fat and sugar to keep the hunger at bay.


lunch {1:30ish}… lunch is my chance to squeeze the veggies in.  it is generally my only solo meal of the day and i tend to reach for those yummy foods at which matt turns up his nose (read: brussels sprouts).  my standard combo recently has been roasted butternut squash, brussels sprouts, spinach + chicken sausage.  quick, easy + filling.

IMG 9897

snack {4:00ish}… most days around this time i’m ready for a pick me up.  my wallet doesn’t love this habit, but i like to think it’s a little better for me than starbucks at a similar price. i generally will also munch on whatever baked goodie happens to be lying around that day.  this week it was chewy oatmeal raisin cookies.  my fave!

dinner {7:00ish}… i will usually wait for matt to get home to have dinner and, unless i have a particular recipe in mind, or one i’m planning to blog about, we keep it simple.  generally we’ll grill a big batch of chicken breasts to pair with veggies and some potatoes.

dessert {9:00ish}… oh, dessert — there’s always dessert.  usually i’m pretty easy, a scoop (or three!) of ice cream, and if i’m needing something a little more substantive, i’ll throw in a (chocolate is my fave!)

so there you have it!  a typical day of “boring” eats as i like to call them, but pretty accurate of how it goes around here!  happy hump day, friends.

are your meals pretty standard day-to-day or do you switch it up?

what are some of your go to meals?

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