Friday, January 13, 2012

of the moment {1.13.12}

by kathleen on January 13, 2012

veggie dish of the moment:  .  i’m pretty sure i could get even the most sprout-opposed eater (read: my husband) to try these!

multipurpose recipe of the moment:  .  according to the fabulous , this can be breakfast, brunch, snack or dessert… all in one recipe!  i’m just going to throw it out there and say i would not hesitate to eat it for dinner.  yum

how to of the moment:  .  i have always had a vision of an “inspiration” room in my future house with word art on the walls of my favorite quotes.  now i know how to do it!

foodie creation of the moment:  .  when you make food look this pretty, i don’t even care what it tastes like!  well, that’s a lie.  good thing this looks delicious.

funny funny of the moment:  stop.  read the picture below.  done?  bet you said it out loud.  me too.

ab burner of the moment:  perfect for any post-holiday tummy love. and easily done in the comfort of your own home, no equipment necessary.  perfect!

sweet splurge of the moment:  because after you finish the abs thang, you can definitely afford one of !  reese’s cheesecake brownies.!

dessert bite of the moment: i know, i know, those cheesecake brownies weren’t enough… !  you’re welcome.

of the moment:!

best kept secret of the moment:  did you know it is that if a have the items available to make something you request, they must do it; on or off the menu?  not sure i could think of something delicious enough to justify straying from my beloved chicken burrito bowl, but interesting nonetheless!  (click on the link for other secret menu items!)

kitchen accessory of the moment:  .  i am love-love-loving this alternative to my favorite traditional anthro .  adore the whimsical font and pretty colors!

cheesy overload of the moment:  .  ooey + gooey, with mushrooms (my fave!) added in for good measure.  holy deliciousness.

diet busing (but totally worth it) recipe of the moment:  .  something tells me i may have tagged these in a previous of the moment, but if so, they’re worth the double up.  i’ll gladly dedicate a little extra time to the treadmill for one of these babes.

parting words of the moment:  thanks, .

happy friday, friends!