Saturday, January 21, 2012

of the moment {1.21.12}

by kathleen on January 21, 2012

happy weekend!

thank you all for the sweet comments on our wedding flashback.  definitely a day i will forever remember.  while i’m busy digging myself out of 7 inches of snow, here are some of my current faves for your browsing pleasure.

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healthy ingredient swap of the moment:  .  replace the butter, oil, etc. with healthy avocados.  just another reason to feel good about eating this yummy breakfast treat!

party app of the moment:  .  ugh.  have i mentioned that the cheese + apple combo is one of my biggest weaknesses?  along with carrot cake, sweet potato fries, cookies n cream ice cream… ok, i’ll stop there.

2 minute dessert of the moment:  .  this seems just way too easy for my own good.  i can see myself whipping this up, oh, every night.  bet you have all the ingredients in your kitchen right now!

of the moment:  so true.  how much we so often hide behind our words.

of the moment:  just plain cozy.

too good to be true of the moment:  .  absolutely, 100%, for sure worth investing in an ice cream maker.

of the moment:  love, love, love everything about this.

of the moment:  you knew i was gonna have one!  just melt my heart to butter while you’re at it.

warm me up bev of the moment:  .  i can get down with these freezing temperatures and falling snow if i can be indoors with one of these!

saturday morning workout of the moment:  ready, go!  love this .  perfect to complete at home if you, like me, happen to be snowed in and your gym is closed.   wondering what bird dogs are?  watch !

must make recipe of the moment:  .  um, yes, please!

quick + healthy lunch of the moment: .  easy, quick, healthy and delicious.  not to mention i go gaga for food photography!

favorite foot of the moment:  .

hubby lovin’ dinner of the moment:  .  matt loves, loves chinese food.  correction: matt loves good chinese food.  i have a feeling, though, that if i can make this half as well as jenna does, i’m going to be in husband good graces for a while.

of the moment:  seriously, those aviators, i die!

what are you loving this moment?