by kathleen on January 30, 2012

i wouldn’t say matt and i butt heads frequently (well, no more than any other old married couple), but there is one thing we argue about day in and day out.  it’s not the clothes on the floor, or who left the dishes in the sink (he did), or who gets up with the dogs (always me).  no, it’s something much more significant.  the car radio.

you see, we listen to drastically different types of music.  think kanye (him) vs. t. swift (her) or drake (still no idea who that is) vs. adele.  our general rule is that whoever is driving controls the radio, with one exception.  we each have a 10 song undroppable playlist.  10 songs that will stand the test of time, never get old, and just must.not.be.changed when they come on the radio.  as such, if one of those songs comes up while flipping through the stations, we must stop, no matter who is driving.

sidenote: who remembers the good ole days of the walkman?

i thought it would be fun to share my undroppable playlist — and maybe, just so you all can get a good laugh — i’ll share matt’s sometime in the future.

so, without further ado, my all time top 10 song list as of january 30, 2012.

  • collide (howie day)
  • drops of jupiter (train)
  • feel my love (adele)
  • fast car (tracy chapman)
  • fix you (cold play)
  • hold my heart (sara bareilles)
  • iris (goo goo dolls)
  • one more for love (five for fighting)
  • little house (amanda seyfried)
  • stay (lisa loeb)

almost every song has a story behind it, in addition to the fact that i love it musically.  most importantly, one more for love by five for fighting was our first dance at our wedding.  it’s not super well know, but it’s a good one!

do you fight over the radio with family members?

did you have a walkman? discman?

what would you say is your all time favorite song?

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1 January 30, 2012 at 7:13 pm

Luckily Gary & I have similar taste in music, so long car rides are fun when we are cranking out music. Your list made me think of that one song by Five for Fighting…I think it is called The Riddle or just Riddle. I absolutely love that song…I don’t think it’s very well known, but it’s definitely one that I will never let anyone turn off when it comes on! I totally rocked the walkman AND discman when I was younger. iPods are so much more convenient!


2 January 30, 2012 at 7:44 pm

haha, me and the husband fight over the music selection all of the time. He is more into hard rock and I’m definitely more mellow…Jack Johnson, DMB, The Civil Wars, Coldplay…etc. Love your list! You and I would definitely be into the same radio channel on a road trip. :)


3 January 30, 2012 at 9:08 pm

I still have my walkman at my parents’ house, I used to record things all the time on cassette tapes! and I LOVE Drops of Jupiter! Good choice.


4 January 31, 2012 at 6:56 am

i never had a walkman but a discman (or two). i was collecting C Ds for a long time and carried them around with me everywhere.
Great playlist!


5 Karen January 31, 2012 at 7:01 am

Fun game! You remind me how much I miss recent tunes from Five for Fighting (100 years, superman, the riddle, etc.) and all those early, raw songs from Tracy Chapman (fast car, the revolution, etc.) And, how wonderful is Adele?! She’d be on my undroppable artist list. Now, I’m conjuring up my own list to share with my boyfriend.


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