thursday thoughts

thursday crumbs.

by kathleen on January 26, 2012

1. i am currently debating whether to brave the madness and partake in the occurring right here in our very own chicago this very weekend.  as i explained to this morning, i really hate crowds and lines and crazy bargain shoppers (other than myself), but i really, really, really love luluemon (especially when it’s on sale).  what to do?!

2,   is just awesome.  and makes me love wheel of fortune more than i already did.  yes, we were the family who finished dinner by 6:30 p.m. every night so that we did not miss the opening puzzle.

3.  i’ve spent the past week scouring sales for new wardrobe essentials to bring with me on my NYC girls trip 2012.  each february my 3 best girl friends from law school and i pick a new spot and make a weekend of it.  i’m super excited to be headed to the big apple and always looking for suggestions on where to go, what to see, and, most importantly, where to eat!

4.  i have a fun cookie recipe coming up tomorrow!  since i can’t partake in eating my treat until next week, i figured i’d offer them to you!  to enter, just leave a comment telling me the last thing that made you smile.  p.s… these cookies are vegan and gluten free!  here is a hint.

5.  i’m pretty sure my husband would cry tears of joy and purchase me a chanel purse if i made for him.  ok, that chanel part is a total lie.  somebody will have to wait, though, until meat finds its way back into my diet.  but seriously, how delicious do they look?!

6.  on a related note, if i turn into a brussels sprout by the time these 10 days are over, you’ll know why.  and i’m totally ok with it.  lest you think i have forced my husband to suffer along with me (although, and you didn’t hear this from me, he could use it), here is proof of his chicken stuffed, extra cheesy quesadillas from last night with a side of sugary BBQ sauce.  yum.

7.  i went to an insane yoga sculpt class this evening.  in addition to the 100 pushups we did over the course of the class (the majority of mine done on my knees), i swear we did 637 squats (exactly).  tomorrow is certainly a rest day (minus the cardio that may come along with #1.)

8.  there were some amazing blog posts this week:   made me laugh, made me cry, made drool all over my keypad, and made me think.

9.  and with that, i’ll leave you with this.

night, friends!


January 12, 2012

1.  over the course of 24 hours in denver (where i’m visiting for work this week), the temperature has plummeted from 60 degrees to 21 and the once green grass is covered with 4 inches of snow.  insanity!  lucky for me, i packed my new pom pom hat.  don’t judge.  i love it! 2.  is [...]

January 5, 2012

1.  despite the 12 degree temperatures (i heard rumblings of 4 degree wind chill) in boston the past 48 hours, i managed to treat myself to jp licks on 3 separate occasions.  you all in boston can back me up that it is never too cold for jp licks… or any fro yo for that [...]

December 29, 2011

1.  here’s a peek into christmas this year at my house.  we wake up christmas morning and i eagerly race downstairs to open my stocking (matt and i imposed a 5 present/$50, must fit in a stocking limit) only to find out that my lovely husband has forgotten to purchase my stocking stuffers.  super.  apparently [...]

December 22, 2011

1.  here’s my problem.  florida is warm and all — we’ve had close to 80 degrees every day this week — but the warm weather is all but negated when you walk in anywhere to the blasting air conditioning!  i all but wore sweatpants and a sweatshirt to the mall today. 2.  this handy dandy [...]