the most (and only) notable part of this lazy, relaxing saturday.


IMG 8857


enjoy your evening, friends!




what little things made you smile today?

of the moment {12.3.11}

breakfast baked good of the moment:  .  tell me these wouldn’t be fantastic christmas morning.  paired with egg nog, of course.



it’s a tie of the moment:  angelina + kate.  how would you even begin to argue one of them wore it better?



cool sip of the moment:  .  even in this cold weather, we can all use a little pick me up.



cuteness alert of the moment:  .



kitchen tip of the moment:  .  is it not the.most.frustrating. thing to realize you are out of a pantry staple.  this list will fix that!



cheesy bite of the moment:  .  oh yes, pretty sure my pants just got a bit tighter.



healthy dish of the moment:  .  have to balance that mac n cheese out with somethin’ nourishing!



comfy clothes of the moment:  loving , especially for this chicago cold.



of the moment:  would you mcdonald’s it if packaged as so?



organizational idea of the moment:  .  i am a sucker for cute fonts and aside from organizational purposes, i love the script!



comfort food of the moment:  .  there’s nothing like it… even if my stomach can only handle it once very 6 years.



simple statement piece of the moment:  .  love the delicate gold… and the message.



mini bite of the moment:  .  talk about portion control.  i could be into this.



pep talk of the moment:  .  not going to lie.  i needed this after failing to squeeze into last year’s holiday dress.
















what are you loving this moment?


good morning, friends!


IMG 8698


yes, that is snow.  lord, help me.


IMG 8705


in other news, happy friday!  my most sincere apologies for leaving you hanging last night.  an 8 p.m. work crisis pushed back my evening post and after a long day and a late yoga class, bedtime took precedent.

to be honest, though, you didn’t miss too much.  i was on the go all day and eats were scattered.  some highlights included a starbucks spinach + feta breakfast wrap (to.die.for.), veggie juice and another chipotle burrito bowl that i bribed myself with as a post-yoga treat.


Chicago 20111201 00514


this morning i had an early morning breakfast meeting for work.  generally, i’m not a fan of any work-relate get together that occurs prior to 8 a.m., but when you throw in a delicious (expensed) meal, i’m more likely to jump on board.


IMG 1394


i munched an omelette stuffed with spinach, mushrooms, roasted peppers + feta.  on the side was a small bowl of fruit and a buttered english muffing.  the perfect friday morning breakfast if you ask me.

with a few hours of “real” work out of the way, i’m back home sipping a mug of extra hot coffee and getting ready to bake!


IMG 8719


my recipe will be posted on monday, december 12, but in the meantime, try !




and, on a final note, remember to leave a comment on this post if you want a batch of this morning’s culinary creation.

happy friday!

thursday crumbs.

1. too many of are too very true.  #2 happened to me monday night, #4 would totally change my online communication, #16 is most definitely true (but of course not known from personal experience), and #18 happens to me at least twice a day. NewImage


2. it’s december.  come again?

i have dropped an absolute fortune outfitting our house for its first christmas.  glitter, pinecones, santa + poinsettias abound.  here are a on caring for a poinsettia if you are like me and seem to manage to somehow kill even fake plants.


IMG 8680


3. in related news, our family stockings arrived today, at which point i realized i spelled winnie’s name wrong.  winnie is now winie.  i don’t even know how to pronounce that.  #fail.


IMG 8682


4. matt and i went through the pan of in approximately 60 hours.  i am going to need my yoga mat and a treadmill stat.  bikini time is t minus 18 days from now.




5. our kitchen still looks like a bomb went off with all of the remnants of last thursday.  if i find dried gravy or a stray cranberry one more time… i may just lose it.  mind you, this is after multiple deep cleanings.  someone please tell me how a sweet potato cube ended up in my saran wrap drawer.


6. i’m going to go ahead and say would be totally inappropriate for a new year’s eve catholic wedding, but… a girl can dream.




7. breaks my heart just a little (ok, a lot).  please tell me there is someone else out there as madly in love with as i.  my matt knew well enough to sit me down before he dropped the bomb that this one is off the market.




8. tomorrow i am baking for the much anticipated .  leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite cookie recipe and i will randomly pick a winner to receive a batch of the goodies (what that will be remains to be determined).


9. this makes me happy.  and is the perfect analogy for my cupcake filled life.




10. if you are looking for a delicious day of eats, may i suggest for breakfast, one of  for lunch, for dinner, and at least a couple of for dessert.

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{did you skim through this post?  re-read #8!}

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